Easily & quickly create professional HD stock photos


Automatic background removal

Car images with a blank background and shading effects or custom branded backgrounds appear more attractive and impressive than those with traditional backgrounds. Sell cars faster than ever by using stunning images for all your current and future stock.

Clickmajic is a high-quality AI automatic image background remover that can be used by anyone and only takes a few seconds to work its maji!. No need to wait for the graphic designer or marketing team, simply sign-up and try it by yourself.

Your branding, any background!

Add your brand name to car images along with an attractive image of your vehicle on a background of your choice. It all can be done with zero IT skills and takes a matter of seconds.

Improve listing time

Previously, waiting for someone to remove an image background using traditional methods meant a significant delay in listing your new stock for sale.

With our AI-powered bg removal, you can post your ads much faster and therefore sell your stock faster.

HD quality

Whatever car image you upload to process for background removal, you will get a stunning HD quality result by using clickmajic, despite any challenging or tricky edges.