About Us

Clickmajic utilises the very latest in visual AI technology to provide the world’s best background image removal solution, which facilitates major time and cost saving solutions for individuals and businesses across the globe.

Our Mission

Simple, powerful AI solutions

With recent developments in Visual AI, we have developed a market leading solution that makes traditionally complicated technology fast and simple to use. Removing backgrounds from images has never been easier!

Clickmajic helps organizations and individuals to be more creative than ever before when it comes to photography, design and in showcasing products.

Our Aim

Highest possible quality and affordable

We believe Clickmajic is the very best solution available anywhere for automated background image removal, with the highest levels of accuracy, at an affordable price. Removing backgrounds of an image has been a major pain point for so many, for so long, but not anymore.

We will always work on improving our technology solutions wherever possible, as well as look to create exciting new AI products to assist people and businesses in additional workflow areas in the future.

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