Automatic Background removal & high quality images

Remove background automatically without using photoshop

Do you find background cut outs of any image difficult and time consuming using photoshop?

Suffer no more! now you can automatically cut out any image background in just a few seconds. By using Clickmajic, even someone who is a non-professional, can remove any image background quickly and 100% automatically.

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Make your photos stand out with new backgrounds

Frame your image on different locations, colors or with your own fully customized background. Unleash your creative side and share it on your favourite social networks.

Outstanding results

No matter, whether it’s selfies, portrait, or product photos, Clickmajic handles all challenging details effortlessly, in just a few seconds.

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What will you create?

Once you have cleanly cut-out images, it’s time to get creative!

Create professional graphics for everything; postcards, product photos, id photos, posters, invitations, social media and more.

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