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If you need to process millions of images, you've come to the right place. With just a few lines of code, you can easily integrate our API into your project.

To improve your efficiency and workflow, we've built plugins directly into the best design tools, programs, apps, and eCommerce platforms.

A BG Removal That Is More Than Just A Background Remover

Create a transparent background in seconds with Clickmajic bg removaland transform your images into art, stunning banners, visual presentations, product catalogues, and graphics. Fully adaptable to your requirements.

Detecting subjects in photos automatically Cutout edges that are neat, clean, and smooth capable of dealing with hair or other fur edges Over 1,000 images can be processed in a single upload. Attempt Our Free Background Remover

Backgrounds Removal from Photos with a Single Click

Get free transparent images with the best bg removal, white or customized background in 5 seconds or less.

Clickmajic comes in handy when you need to quickly cut out a person or object to paste into another picture, or when you need to remove the background from a photo. A perfect image clip does not necessitate any special skills or professional software. Simply upload the image, and our algorithm will automatically use deep neural networks to remove the background.

Remove the background quickly and replace it. Text and effects can now be added. Using the image background remover tool, edit the foreground. Presets that work in a variety of markets.

  • Original background
  • New background
  • Removed background
  • Customized design
  • Solid background

Prepare Product Photos for Any Online Stores in a Flash

The removal of a photograph's background is a common photo editing technique. Clickmajic can be used for a variety of purposes, including Uploading product images to eBay or Amazon, preparing photos for job search or replacing a boring background with a more picturesque one or a solid colour, creating photo jokes and collages, retouching vacation photos for fun or to make a better impression, and many other things.

Image Background Removal Pricing Table

Image Background Removal App Clickmajic Others
BG removal Cost $0.10 - $0.40 Per Photo $0.48 - $10 Per Photo
Bulk Upload Yes Not All
Online Yes Yes
API Yes Not All
AI Yes Not All

Background Removal Around Hair

Clickmajic handles complex semi-transparent objects like hair with ease, allowing you to remove the background as easily as in any other scene. Whereas other tools require you to deal with hair pixel by pixel, Clickmajic saves you hours because the Hair tool also works with transparent objects.

Do you want to manually remove your background?

Our image background remover is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which allows the computer to learn on its own. If this doesn't work, you can use our simple tools to manually select which areas of the image to erase and which to keep.

Reliable BG removal for your Picture's

The first photo background remover app I recommend is Clickmajic. It allows you to quickly remove the image background from a photograph. Clickmajic has an advanced tool for photo clipping. To accurately cut out images, Clickmajic has an advanced bg background AI tool.

Transparent Objects' Backgrounds Should Be Removed

Some real-world objects are transparent. And removing backgrounds from photos that contain such objects is a pain. However, Clickmajic allows you to easily switch between backgrounds thanks to the transparent marker tool, which denotes areas that should retain both foreground and background textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of BG?

For new users working on a PC or a Mac, the quickest way is to navigate to Clickmajic in your browser, then:

  • Click on Upload Image or simply drag and drop the image onto the page.
  • The browser will launch a new window and allow you to remove.
  • To fine-tune your image, go to Edit>Erase/Restore.

Is there a free background remover available?

Clickmajic is photo background remover software that lets you easily remove backgrounds from photos. With Clickmajic, you can use it to do basic photo editing and remove backgrounds from images.

Is it safe to delete the BG website?

Clickmajic website is an excellent resource for removing a picture's background and making it transparent. I found the site to be more user-friendly than other similar sites. The majority of the other sites blanked out a portion of my image, which was not what I desired. Clickmajic completed the task quickly.

Is it possible to change the background of a photograph on the iPhone?

Portrait mode in the iPhone camera app lets you capture photos with a beautifully blurred background. Portrait mode photos can be edited in the same way as any other photo. However, Portrait mode provides some additional editing options.

What program does background removal?

We recommend Clickmajic for image editing because it is a tool that is suitable for both

beginners and professionals. It is a useful program for removing and replacing the background.

Can Clickmajic remove background?

Simply click the Edit Image button on the top toolbar to remove your background with Clickmajic. Then, on the left side panel that appears, select 'BG Remover.' Then, to remove the background, click 'Erase.' Finally, simply drag your new image into the desired location.

How do I remove the background from a photograph in Clickmajic?

  1. Please upload your photograph (drag and drop)
  2. Let AI do the heavy lifting when it comes to removing the backdrop from your product photos.
  3. Download your high-resolution photo to your computer.

Amazing! In about 5 seconds, you should be able to remove the Background. In addition, we offer an API for removing picture backgrounds in bulk.

Does JPEG have transparency?

JPEG format is not transparency supported. A white pixel in our alpha channel image indicates that it is completely opaque, whereas a black pixel indicates that it is completely transparent. The shades in between indicate the level of transparency. We can create a composite bitmap by combining the color and transparency information.

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Save time & money
No more green screen photo shoots, hours wasted selecting fiddley pixels or costs for designers working in photoshop.
100% Automatic & fast
Slash editing time by simply uploading your image and let Clickmajic’s AI remove your image backgrounds in just a few seconds.
Sell more products with a white background
Ecommerce operators sell products with a white background for good reason, as it puts more focus on their products and is much easier on the eye.
Time to get creative
White background, transparent background, colour background or upload your very own custom background. The choice is yours!


Latest AI technology

Clickmajic delivers amazing results even on images with the most challenging edges, tiny details and other complex scenarios.
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We tested out a few different options and found that Clickmajic was the best choice for us when taking into account price and quality.

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