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Top 5 FAQ About Image Background Removal Application

Top 5 FAQ About Image Background Removal Application

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Choosing whether you should remove the background of your images or not can be a confusing decision especially when you are not aware of its importance and the processes involved in it. If you are looking for professional image background removal services then there are several questions that may pop up in your head. We recognize the queries you may have so we thought we might address them. Here are the most popular questions we come across from our clients. Have a look at them and if you still face any doubts then feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Q1) What is the significance of retouching and shadowing in the context of background removal services?

Having a shadow gives your photographs a very realistic appearance, in a competitive market adding a shadow further highlights your product by making customers notice the psychology of colors involved in your product while window shopping, people naturally tend to get drawn towards pictures that appear more colorful. And in order to make a product’s colors stand out, it is important that it should have a clear or non-catchy background along with a good level of shadow to make the product look bright and the background dull. If the shot does not have enough natural shadow, a drop shadow or a reflected shadow can be added to the photograph to make it appear more picturesque.

Most professionals strive to keep the shadows intact while removing the backgrounds and basic image background removal service providers usually do not pay attention to this detail and tend to remove shadows when removing the background.

At Clickmajic, we provide you with highly reliable image editing and retouching services, as well as background removal services. And if you are looking out to add shadows but don’t know how and where to add them, you can avail our professional services. Scroll through our website to know more about the background removal services we offer.

Q2) How can Clickmajic assist you with Background Removal Services?

Clickmajic has a very talented team of experienced digital artists that are highly capable of handling your projects with utmost care. Throughout our long and illustrious career, our team has meticulously edited photographs even when the clients themselves had little or no hope of corrections at the time of the shooting. Our edits are super detailed and being professionals, we give a creative touch to your images. The way we remove the background will give it a very realistic touch making it look like it is the original picture. If you have any image that requires background editing and removal, we would be more than happy to extend our services and with our experience and track record, you can count on us to get your desired results.

Q3) How can editing or removing the background of products impact online sales on eCommerce platforms like Amazon?

Large markets in the eCommerce sector require neutral or white backgrounds behind the product because high-quality photographs on neutral backgrounds draw attention to the qualities and colors of the products and make your product stand out. This also makes it easier for the buyer to evaluate the color and other features of the product. Also, in order to make your product compliant with Amazon and eBay standards, you may remove the background from your current product shots and replace them with neutral tones instead of having to do a separate photoshoot for each platform. If you think that this is a big task for you then you can rely on our services to get your job done. With a long list of amazing client testimonials, we would love to add your name to the list of our satisfied clients.

Q4) What measures will you take if I am not happy with the edits?

First and foremost, we would like to emphasize that your photographs are handled by highly qualified desktop publishing (DTP) professionals, and as per our experience and past records, customer dissatisfaction is extremely unusual. To avoid such situations we take note of all your requirements and confirm them with you before we start editing your pictures. However, if in any case, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please write us an email outlining the problem and the changes you require. We will implement it and send you the desired photograph as soon as possible and at no additional charge. We can even get over a call if required so that we can ensure better communication. Our ultimate goal is to add your name to the list of our happy and satisfied clients and hence, we will make the best efforts we can to ensure that you are happy with our services. 

Q5) Does removing the background of an image affect the page ranking on Google?

The goal is to have your website at the top of the search results. Having a smaller website file size means that it will load more quickly, which will boost the SERP of your website, which stands for “Search Engine Ranking Position.” As a result, deleting the background will not only lower the number of unnecessary details in the image but will also reduce the overall size of the picture. So, there is a chance that removing the background of your product will help in a better ranking of the website on which your product is mentioned. At Clickmajic we offer HD quality image editing options with image background remover app services that edit out the background with great precision and detail. If you are looking forward to making your pictures stand out then contact us today!

These were the top questions asked by our clients. You can go through them if you are facing any doubt or you need clarity on if you should go for background eraser automatic online or not. If you have any further doubts then feel free to reach out to us. Our team is willing to assist you always!

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