Humans Vs. AI: What Is The Better Photo Editing Option

human vs AI

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For many photographers, finding a competent picture editor can be a time-consuming task that’s difficult for a human to complete. But is AI capable of doing a better job? We’ll see whether humans or AI like Clickmajic are superior at photo editing in this blog.

Who’s Better at Photo Editing: Artificial Intelligence or Humans?

The idea of using technology to replace regular labour, particularly AI, has long been viewed with scepticism. Is it possible for technology to give the same level of quality as manual labour, which many people have learned for years? Will we lose our employment as a result of AI?

These are the common questions that go on in our heads when it comes to AI.

In the field of photo editing, these considerations are also quite pertinent. Many software and applications are now available that use Artificial Intelligence in their technology to execute photo editing tasks in the same way that people do.

For example, Clickmajic’s automatic backdrop remover has the same aspirations.

Photo editing tasks and workflows are commonplace and might be taught to a software program. Clickmajic is an innovative solution that provides faster, more efficient photo editing services by incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology.

But what evidence do these apps have that they can compete with manual photo editors? Can they compete in terms of quality even if they are faster?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Human Editor?

When it comes to creative labour, quicker is not always better. Even though machines are capable of incredible feats these days, they still lack the human touch.

Human-edited photos have the following benefits:

1. Distinction: AI-edited photographs tend to seem the same because they are based on an algorithm. Human-edited photographs, on the other hand, tend to appear less homogenous and more distinct.

2. Customization & Quality Control: Editors can make and fine-tune modifications that an AI tool would overlook.

Human editors edit while they work rather than checking for faults. Although it may take a person longer to complete typical editing chores than an AI tool, the outcomes may be more trustworthy.

What are the Benefits of an AI Photo Editor?

AI tools will undoubtedly continue to influence photography for many years to come. After all, new smartphone generations provide the typical person with photo-enhancing skills that would have appeared impossible just ten years ago.

Here are a couple of the newest and most promising editing applications:

A new AI tool can eliminate undesired shadows from photographs shot in less-than-ideal lighting circumstances.

New “night video” options for smartphone cameras use new algorithms to make shooting in low-light circumstances easier.

In terms of capabilities, smartphone cameras with AI are on track to catch up with or possibly outperform many existing high-end cameras.

Some argue that AI tools harm photography’s creative quality, while others applaud all new developments. In the world of photography, it appears that software innovations continue to surpass hardware innovations.

It’s also true that employing AI to automate tedious processes allows photographers to take more and better photographs.

Clickmajic is the world’s leading on-demand photography network. To assure quality and consistency with every session, our experienced photographers and in-house editors use the most up-to-date AI tools as well as time-honoured manual processes.

Which Choice is Best for Your Brand?

This question, unfortunately, has no definitive answer. The truth is that you’ll most likely have to choose your editing method on a project-by-project basis.

When you require basic modifications on a large batch of images, AI editing can be faster and less expensive. When you want to delete a background, for example, this is the way to go. However, for more complicated activities, such as virtual staging, you might be better off hiring a human.

Because of this contradiction, many professional editing teams employ AI systems to manage massive batches of photographs for quick initial edits and then make extra modifications and tweaks as needed.

However, regarding the comparison of AI vs. human editing, the bottom truth is that both methods rely on high-quality photos to be effective.

A terrible photo can’t be made good by any editing tool, human or mechanical. A professional photographer will shoot each image with the proper lighting, exposure, and clarity for maximum effect.


Using AI-powered picture editing tools and outsourcing photo editors both have their own set of benefits. Manual photo editing has been around for a long time, and there are plenty of specialists and pros that can deliver high-quality results. On the other hand, AI photo editing technology is still in its early stages of development. Even though they can produce acceptable outcomes, many people are still hesitant to switch to an automated service.

Whether you utilize photo editing software or hire an editor depends on your demands. It is sufficient that we are presented with various options from which to improve the quality of our lives and professions. As a result, we should remain aware of new trends and open to new solutions that try to address the difficulties we face daily.

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