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How Do You Make the Background of a PNG Transparent?

How Do You Make the Background of a PNG Transparent

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We’ll go over transparent PNGs and how to make an image/logo background transparent in this guide to creating a transparent background.

The ClickMajic AI Background Remover goes beyond traditional background removal techniques to make removing image backgrounds simple, especially with transparent PNG background images. This AI Background Remover can accurately determine the subject after learning with millions of paired photos. The background remover then removes the PNG image’s background without the need for manual intervention.

  1. Access our automatic Background Remover and hit “Upload Image” to begin.
  2. To upload your product image into this tool, click or drag and drop it in and then click “Continue.”
  3. Hit “Start to Process” and download the result when it’s done. The background is taken care of without a hitch. 

Your design team is now prepared to deliver the finalized versions of your images to you. ClickMajic also has an API for removing image backgrounds in bulk.

What Is a Transparent PNG Background?

A PNG is an image file format type that doesn’t have a background colour. Even if the colour is white, most images cover a certain number of pixels and have colour in all of them. Nothing is in the background pixels of a transparent background, allowing what’s behind it to show through.


PNG is one of several image formats that you can use on your website, and it’s likely not the one you’re most familiar with. It is, however, beneficial, and you should become acquainted with it. 

Because of their small file size, JPGs are a popular choice for images on websites. This file format allows your website to load more quickly and without errors. JPGs do not support transparent backgrounds and lose image quality when compressed.

When you need a transparent image or something with incredibly crisp, clear lines, PNGs are the way to go (like a line drawing or other iconic graphics).

A GIF is another option. Although transparent backgrounds are possible in GIF files, there are some advantages to using a PNG over a GIF. The image size is smaller because PNGs have better compression. Furthermore, GIFs only allow for one transparent colour to be specified. Transparency options are better in PNGs.

In some cases, each file type is the best option. Majority of basic online images that do not require high contrast, JPGs should be used. Any image that needs a transparent background or high contrast should be saved as a PNG. For animated images, GIFs should be used.

The Best Apps to Make PNG Images Transparent 

1. Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer

Source: httpswww.microsoft.comen-uspultimate-photo-blender-mixer9nht9njg3849activetab=pivotoverviewtab

Rating: 4.8

File size: 21MB

Requirements: Android 4.1 and up

By removing the image background, the Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer app can overlay two or more pictures on top of each other. Mix and match your daily photos from either the gallery or a live image with stunning frames and a collage builder. The app includes a professional photo effects tool that allows you to perform double exposure, blending, and multi-exposure and applies dozens of cool effects. A mixer, editor, image enhancer, photo effects, overlays, orientation settings, a vast array of borders, frames, stickers, and other features are included to give your photos a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Background Eraser

Rating: 4.6

File size: 3.3MB

Requirements: Varies with Android device

Background Eraser is a fantastic app that lets you use its background eraser tool to cut photos and make images transparent. You can use it to create collages and merge different images and logos on the fly by superimposing them on other images. The app has two modes: auto extractor, which erases similar pixels automatically, and manual extract eraser, which allows you to use blue and red markers to select the object or regions of an image you want to make transparent. To remove the image background, you can zoom in to determine the surrounding areas of an image precisely.

3. Transparent Photo Frames

Rating: 4.0

File size: 7.6MB

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

Transparent Photo Frame, another background removal app, lets you choose both the background and the photo you want to place on the transparent background. The app overlays the new image on top of the old one and merges them, making it appear as if they were never separated in the first place. The app includes a wide range of frames, HD backgrounds, and other features. Many tools are available to edit the image, including zoom, orientation, image text editing, size, colour, and font changes, among others.

What’s an Image Without Background Called?

A PNG format is a type of image file that doesn’t have a background colour. Most images have colour in all of their pixels, even if it is white, and they cover a certain number of pixels. Nothing is in the background pixels of a transparent background, allowing what’s behind it to show through.

What is a Transparent Picture?

Images that can be seen through are known as transparent images. You see it and what’s underneath it. For example, a person wears a thin white shirt for example. The colours blend into one another. A completely transparent background is usually referred to as a transparent background.

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